Steamed Lenses

11th February 2019

Shooting in a jam factory presents some interesting challenges. It’s not possible to stop the production for this photographer to do his work – critical orders have to be met. But, this is a challenge with benefits.

There is nothing quite like a working environment in full flow. Especially when that environment has huge copper cauldrons of hot, steaming strawberry preserve! The overwhelmingly delicious aroma of boiling fruit is distracting and the steam and heat causes some issues with lens condensation. However, getting good shots is not going to be a problem.

Working for the talents of The Creative Consortium here in Stroud helps hugely when deciding and focusing on the shots required for the client Somerset Cuisine and we follow the planned schedule. Occasionally, however, impulse and creativity forces me to work off plan and capture some of the unexpected scenes playing out through the session.

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