Bearded Man

24th July 2013

This project, now dubbed ‘Beardyman’ by one of my friends, has a rather unusual beginning. During one of my regular shoots of accountants’ portraits in Bristol, Roger Taylor was next in line and it didn’t take me long to mention his fantastic beard and if he would consider letting me do some ‘private’ shots of him.

A week later, we’re setting up under the busy M69 fly-over in Bristol. I’d given this shoot some thought and had always wanted to do something in this exotic location, fancying all that grey urban concrete. The business man look was great and Roger turned up in 3 piece suite, including a gold watch and chain. I’d hired a selection of overcoats and old leather briefcase and within a few minutes the final style was created.


The light in our location was nearly perfect but to give the shots a little extra punch they benefited from some additional flash. Walking around and working with the surroundings and background is for me the most interesting and creative part of a shoot like this. I may have some broad ideas of style and look, maybe even some specifics about poses but it isn’t until I start working that most of the best shots become apparent.


Photos of me taking photos of Roger by Sascha Caminada.