Profile: The Ernest Cook Trust

30th August 2016

It is now more than 7 years ago that my client Viva Communications asked me to start working on producing a library of images for the Ernest Cook Trust. To date I have shot more than 2000 images to promote the fantastic work done by this national education charity.

The range of images are broad and varied and are used across all media including their website,, printed leaflets and books.

Viva Communications have further more gained a large amount of local and national press coverage and often commissioning images of specific events. Social media has increasingly become an important platform for using images and I’ve been able to fully support and encourage its effective use.

Making pictures easily available to my clients is always very important so with that in mind, I set up a bespoke web-based picture library for the Ernest Cook Trust to enable staff and Viva Communications to effectively search for and download all my work. Managing the library and keeping it up to date and functional is an important part of the service I provide.

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