Found Prints

14th November 2017

What’s lost by one is found by another. I observe the finder and find what’s lost. A continuous cycle of lost and found.

These two images are currently showing at ‘Found’, an exhibition at The Old Passage in Arlingham, Gloucestershire.

When curator Kel Portman asked me to submit some prints, it didn’t take me long to decide on these two images. They were taken many miles apart. One was at Achnahaird in the far north of Scotland and the other along the River Mersey in Liverpool.

The fisherman was walking along and every now and again he’d dip his net and pull something out of the water. Later on, I spotted him in the restaurant where we’d had our lunch. He had a bottle of Scotch tucked in his coat pocket. Clearly someone very much at home and comfortable rummaging around in the local landscape.

The image of the lost balloon aeroplane was taken near the docks at Liverpool. It was such a quirky coincidence that this little craft appeared to be ‘flying’ along the flow of the stream. A very momentary occurrence as minutes later the rising Mersey would have moved it along.

It’s perhaps appropriate that the exhibition right next to the River Severn and that part of the proceeds from the sale of these will go to Severn Area Rescue Association.

Prints are available through the exhibition or directly from me and are printed using archival (museum quality) printing, paper and frames.

Framed: £210 (640mm x 460mm approximately)
Unframed: £102 (600mm x 425mm approximately)