Gods Gothic Mood

16th January 2014

It’s hard getting out there at the moment to find interesting landscapes and buildings to photograph. The weather makes everything so drab so in some cases it’s a matter of adjusting the mood of the pictures to the mood of the gods.

Yesterdays foray into the Cotswold hills gave me this little surprising church. Semi derelict and overgrown, it looked a bit Gothic. It turns out that the Victorians did remodel it at some point. It is now awaiting planning approval to turn it into a swanky home. It’s been waiting for planning approval since the 70’s! (check it out here). So for now, it’s charm is the dereliction and spooky appearance on a cloudy and rainy day. I don’t mind if it stays that way…

St Bartholomews at Newington Bagpath, Gloucestershire.