Home-grown Talent

7th August 2017

Whilst doing my occasional Google search for potential new clients, I became aware of the large number of generic stock images used by many businesses in favour of pictures of home-grown talent. Stock images are convenient and provide users with quick access to a huge range of material to illustrate their websites. This can make it a tempting reason for their use. However, there is an alternative that is often not considered.

As social media has increasingly become a critical part of most businesses, so has the importance of personal identity and individualism. If you’re a small business, it may just be you representing your brand on-line and during your day-to-day activity. Larger businesses rely on their staff to reflect these values and representations too. Using stock images can easily confuse the message your business is trying to convey as it fails to show a real and honest identity and ignores the individuals; the real assets of the business.

So what is the alternative?

The answer is the colleagues working all around you. My experience in shooting thousands of business portraits every year has shown me that ‘real’ people, the ordinary individual, the characters that run the business are totally capable of replacing any generic stock model. The home-grown talent is all around you and I can provide the experience, creative eye and direction to show them off to your audience.

The practical problems and costs are often overestimated. You may be surprised to find out that I can do a days shoot and supply dozens of quality images. No complicated set up or booking. The images in this article are a selection from 4 shoots across multiple locations. No special places – just wherever the subjects happened to be at the time. In this case, the shoots were timed to coincide with a series of events and meetings. Most subjects were picked minutes before each shoot took place. The bacon butty was optional (but irresistible).

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