House Style

27th February 2017

Establishing a house style for staff portraits can be a challenging prospect. Each image of every individual has to work well on its own and as part of a group. Increasingly, individuals are represented by their image, on the company web/intranet sites, printed documents and social media. After the corporate branding, the staff portraits are the other part that affects a business’ visual identity. Most colleagues and clients expect to see a face to go with the name.

Various factors help us decide what style we can go for. Practicality is perhaps the most important consideration. Clearly, shooting a portrait in an office is going to be much easier to achieve than in an exotic location. Working with the limitations of the practicalities is critical in working out a look that can be attained consistently and often across multiple offices.

Another consideration is volume. I regularly do shoots with 60 people in a single session. The client needs to be well organised for this to work but the benefits are that consistency can be applied and great savings made to budgets with the cost per portrait reduced to just a few pounds.

There are more options to consider. Location, background and lighting all form part of the look and I will emphasis that few styles work without at least some form of digital processing.

With these portraits, the client wanted to retain the black and white used by their other images but needed images to be less formal. A landscape format was applied to enable their use as banners on the client’s website.

Showing the office surroundings was important for this creative company. To tie in with their bold graphics, contrast and colours were enhanced.

Giving a portrait a tight square crop means that they fit right on to any social media site as profile pictures. Careful and consistent cropping and colouration ties these shots together. Variations in poses allows each individual character to show.

A safe and classic setup. White background with consistent lighting and enhanced contrast allows this black and white style to be replicated across 9,000 individual portraits over many years.

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