Marginal Stars

10th December 2018

As a photographer I can make a difference in how people at the margins of our society are perceived. I make no secret of how I use my experience and skills to show people at their best. We all do much better if our achievements are recognised and I consider it a positive use of my (limited!) powers if I can point to a few stars – especially ones that have had a difficult journey.

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Dealing with society and the challenges it presents us affects us all. A lack of opportunity can so often push us in a place we’d rather not be whereas opportunities can help us cope and make a success of our lives.

Working with client Developing Health & Independence is hugely rewarding. More so because they do such a fantastic job at providing opportunities to people affected by issues such as homelessness, mental health and substance misuse. Doing these portraits and spending some time with the subjects has made me more aware of the complex challenges they’ve had to face to improve their lives. Getting to know them just a little bit makes all the difference in deciding where, and how, to take their picture. Pictures that tell stories of stars!

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