Sheena Rocks

6th August 2015

Our local town of Stroud is a hub for creative talent. It seems that everyone you meet is involved in the arts – and so are their children. I was introduced to teenage Dreampop band Sheena by another artist friend (a painter) when he told me that they were practicing and that I should go and take my camera.

Their rehearsal space is a tiny room in an old railway goods shed. Just big enough to fit the 5 lads with their array of guitars, keyboards, drum kit, amps and gadgets. I manage to squeeze in and after a quick introduction I immediately start taking pictures. I finish taking pictures not much later as it only took 20 minutes for me to get a set of shots that I’m happy with; snap shots of a few moments as I wonder what they’ll all be doing in 30 years time.

It doesn’t happen often that I enter a space and all the elements are ready for me to start taking pictures. Great light, interesting background (note the Bollywood artwork), great props and handsome models. It’s one of those moments where things just happen. No need to coax anything or anyone. Natural expressions and gestures, postures and actions.  Just before I finish, someone climbs through the window – I’m still not sure what he was up to or why he didn’t use the door!

Check out their fantastic sound: