Street Photography

6th February 2013

Street Photography to me is all about noticing the less obvious. It requires one to look a bit more carefully to start seeing the moments that so easily pass by as ordinary and everyday.

More than any other discipline in photography, Street Photography relies on that carefully timed moment, a moment that is often anticipated by the photographer as his mind has started merging the elements that will make up the shot.

The invariably unpredictable nature of Street Photography make it so incredibly captivating and I say that as a photographer taking the pictures and as an admirer of other photographers’ works.

Street Photography is uniquely unique. Chances of anyone else capturing the same shot are fairly remote and because of the huge number of variables involved in getting a shot, it is also very likely that it won’t look like anything else that has ever been shot before.

One element of Street Photography is the way it can really liberate picture taking. No need for fancy cameras and lenses or photographic skills. Anyone is welcome and free to have a go. A technical “flaw” is turned into an aesthetic enhancement!

Not everyone will “get” the picture and sometimes the picture does demand a bit more attention to figure out what’s going on. Subtlety is in the eye of the beholder.

Street Photography is also a brilliant way of recording our generation. The shots below were all taken during the last few years. Then have a look at the pictures I took 30 years ago to see what I mean:

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